Grant Application

By limiting our overhead, the DBA seeks to unleash the financial generosity of our churches back to where it matters most, the mission field. If a DBA church has a need, we invite them to complete the application (below), indicating the scope of the project, financial need, and anticipated outcomes. Each quarter our Leadership Team prays over these requests and votes to distribute resources as our budget allows. This approach enables churches to meet needs in the community, as they arise, even though an unforeseen need may not have been previously budgeted.

The opportunities to serve our state in Jesus’ name are endless. There is no limit to the concrete ways the DBA may be able to help our pastors and local churches fulfill the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Typically, but not always, the pastor of the church listed above.
Best Phone Number *
Best Phone Number
Mailing Address *
Mailing Address
The address to which a check, if the grant is approved, should be mailed.
How will this money be used? Be specific and detailed (who will use it? where? how? when?).
How much money will this particular need or ministry initiative require in total? This includes money received from all sources (e.g., your church, individuals, other denominational entities, etc.), not just the DBA.
How much money is being requested to meet the need described above?
What do you hope to see accomplished through the use of this money?