Featured DBA Churches

Each month the DBA is focusing on several of our member churches, providing a profile of their history. Of varying length, each history is presented here, with mainly light editing, as written and submitted by churches currently within the DBA. These histories are also included in the history of the DBA, From Age to Age.

Delaware Korean Baptist Church


Delaware Korean Baptist Church

The Delaware Korean Church in Newark, Delaware, was started in 1985, through the sponsorship of Ogletown Baptist Church. Their current pastor, Rev. Lee Hong, is their third senior pastor. The church is the second Korean church in Delaware to conduct outreach to New Castle, Newark, and Wilmington.

Dover Korean Baptist Church


Dover Korean Baptist Church

Dover Korean Baptist Church is located in the busy but beautiful northern section of Dover, the capital of Delaware, next to Delaware State University and Dover Downs. Their congregation primarily consist of interracially married elderly and middle-age couples, Korean families, English speaking ethnic families, English speaking students, and military serviceman from Dover Air Force Base. Due to this diverse ethnic group, their Sunday morning worship is in a Bilingual format (Korean and English). But their Bible study and small groups are done in separate respective languages, either in Korean or in English.

Their first Sunday service was held in the house of Ordained Elder Deacon Oyong Cho of Dover, on July 6, 1980, with 6 members attending. On October 5 of the same year, the small congregation rented and moved to the joining building of First Southern Baptist Church on Little Creek Road in Dover, with 12 members.

On March 1981, Rev. Young Hwa Park was invited to be their first senior pastor. After 4 years of service Rev. Park resigned and a new pastor, Rev. Sang Yul Park was invited to be their senior pastor. For next ten years, the church grew dramatically to over 150 members and needed to move to a new facility. On April 1991, the church bought 13 acres of land on McKee Road, in the northern part of Dover, where their present church facility stands.

Rev. Sang Yul Park served for another 10 years until his retirement in 2001. Dover Korean’s next pastor, Rev. Byung Jik Kim, served as senior pastor for 11 years until his resignation in 2012.

Rev. Young Yi Choi, their present senior pastor since 2012, brought new vision to the church, focusing on prayer, the Word of God, evangelism, making disciples, serving the community, and world missions—the true purpose of the church.

Following this vision, every October since 2012, the church comes together and holds a mission fundraising drive called Dover Korean Festival (DoverKorean.com) to benefit ATI West Africa Missions and other world missions. They invite the whole community in the Dover area to come and experience the Korean culture with Korean food, music, fan dance, martial arts, fashion show, games, and prizes to benefit West Africa and world missions as they also share the Gospel with the community. Dover Korean now has over 20 members who have joined the church through this event, who never went to church before. Praise the Lord!

This new vision of sharing the gospel with their community, supporting world missions, and experiencing God’s Spirit through the Word of God in worship has brought new life to their church. Dover Korean believes they are achieving this vision only by the grace of God, by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and also by many prayers of their faithful leaders and members of the congregation. They are truly thankful to God for this beautiful church (a.k.a. people), for His abundant blessings, and His wonderful grace throughout the years.

Praise the Lord!

EverSpring Church


EverSpring Church

EverSpring Church was the 1000th church in the history of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware. It was also the first church launched through the Embrace Wilmington focus.

In January 2010, a team of people began to gather, pray and dream about beginning a new church in the Wilmington suburb. In July of that year, EverSpring Church began preview services in a 3,000-square-foot warehouse, which had no air conditioning and no bathrooms. The church now meets at the Commodore Center at the foot of the St. George’s Bridge.

Lead Pastor, John Coleman, is a native Delawarean who is realizing a 20-year dream to pastor near his roots. He dreamed of starting a church in Delaware that would connect with people who normally avoid church. “We weren’t out to start another church, but a different one.” To explain, he said that he seeks to lead a church movement into the marketplace that has an intentional conversational, casual, café-style atmosphere and doesn’t hold back on the truth.