Central to the mission of the DBA is helping and strengthening churches. One way we seek to serve churches in this way is by hosting workshops which encourage church health. Learn more about these workshops below.


Previous Workshops

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How to Teach Isaiah

On May 16, over 30 men and women gathered for a one-day workshop on how to teach through the book of Isaiah. Our workshop leader, Dr. Matthew Hoskinson, senior pastor of First Baptist Church of New York City, guided pastors and teachers through Isaiah, with special focus on the "Servant Songs" (Isa. 42, 49, 50, & 53). Workshop audio and handout are available through the links below. (Note: part of one session is missing.)


New Testament Seminar

On March 10-11, over 70 men and women registered for a two-day seminar on the New Testament, presented by Dr. Brian Vickers, professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Louisville, KY.